I love Shake-n-Bake. I love it on chicken. I love it on pork chops.

And you want to know what the best accompaniment is? Yep, you guessed it, the San Francisco treat - Rice-A-Roni.

How is the sodium content on that?????? Of course, they have “lower cholesterol/calorie” directions on each box. But honestly, if I am going to eat food from a box, why would I do that????

When was the last time you had either one? Give yourself a treat. Go get a box of Shake-n-Bake (they sell it in 12 packs at
Amazon.com). Of course, they sell it separately for pork and for chicken. I have a sneaky suspicion that they are the same thing and there is a conspiracy to get us to buy more. It works for them - I buy them separately - one box for pork, one box for chicken. and I don’t get the Oven-Fry. Just the plain old 1970’s It’s-made-with-Shake-n-Bake-and-I-helped, original recipe.

It is merchandised with the bread in some stores, and with the baking supplies in others. If you know where the bread crumbs are in your favorite grocery store, the Shake-n-Bake is near by. (If you have problems with shopping carts, you're not alone -
Susan does too.)

It’s a real time saver too. They give you the little bag of crumbs and a bag. 45 minutes later (for chicken, bone in), or 15 minutes for pork chops, you have a little slice of heaven on your plate.

The Rice-A-Roni? The perfect one is Chicken with Mushroom (amazon sells them by the dozen, also). Although there is a typo on the back of the box with the directions. Don’t worry, I alerted them already and they sent me a coupon. Needless to say, don’t boil the butter. I like to put in a can of mushrooms (all packaged foods, remember), before you put the lid on.

For the perfect easy 30 minute pork chop meal? Start the Rice-A-Roni, throw in a small can of mushrooms, and put the lid on to simmer. Coat the pork chops in the Shake-n-Bake and put in oven at 425. Magically, they are done at the same time - a mere 15 minutes later.

For some real shits and giggles???? Serve it with applesauce, Mott's is the best, unless you have some homemade from Emily, my neighbor

If it’s good enough for Will Ferrell & John C. Riley in Talladega Nights, it’s good enough for you.


Margerie said...

LOL- bad girl!! But I want to come to your house for dinner.........

I love chicken dipped in buttermilk and then rolled in crunched up Rice crispies. Spray on a little Pam and bake. Tastes just like fried chicken. In fact, I think my husband thinks I fry it.

And thanks for reminding me of Rice-a-roni. In college our neighbors were boys and the only thing they ever made themselves for dinner was rice-a-roni and top ramen.

Susan said...

Can I come too? I haven't had Shake-n-Bake or Rice-a-Roni for decades. And I want to try Emily's applesauce. And meet Margerie too, of course.

[Phew! Caught my typo before hitting "publish," so I don't have to do the embarrassing "Comment deleted by author" thing.]