IMPROG x2 - Time is the word of the day - 2nd posting

Yesterday’s IMPROG word - TIME - really has me thinking. I thought I should tell you what I am thinking about. After all, this is my blog. That means it also is my rules!

Tomorrow is my friend and next-door neighbor, Emily’s birthday. She is going to be 80. She has been on this earth almost twice as long as me. And how long is that exactly?

80 years old
or 8 decades old
or 960 months
or 4,174 weeks
or 29,220 days
or 701,293 hours
or 42,077,598 minutes
or 2,524,655,900 seconds

I know she is happy with her life and the way she has spent her time. She married the love of her life. She has biked the Tour de France route. She has lived in Japan. She has been a nurse. She has 2 children. She has been an airline pilot. She has scuba dived. She has 2 grandchildren. She has biked all over the United States and Europe. She has outlived her husband of 50+ years. She quilts. She takes long walks daily. And she is still learning and trying new things. She is constantly trying new recipes and sharing the results with me. She just got a new computer.

I would say that Emily is spending her time wisely on this earth - all 701,293 hours.

I strive to be that content, and to live my life with few regrets – just like Emily.

So when we think that we need more time in a day, perhaps what we really mean, is that we need more time to do what we really want to do.

So, what are you waiting for? Book that trip. Take up that hobby. Eat at that restaurant. Live, laugh and love a little bit every day. No excuses. No regrets.

Enjoy your time in this world. Emily is. I am.

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