IMPROG: Friend is the word

Welcome to my improg. What’s an improg, you say? 


I have a hat full of little slips of paper, sent to me by my
counterpart improgger, Susan. We are going to be doing random acts of blogging. Although, I will still be doing other blogging on this same blog. Visit early, and visit often.

FRIEND is the improg word of the day.

What is a friend?

My friends:
listen well
• can talk to me and say anything
• aren’t embarrassed by me in public ( I can get loud and obnoxious)
• don’t embarrass me in public (too much)
• love my dogs
• make me laugh
• like to go see movies
• aren’t hung up on politics (trust me, my views are probably different than yours)
• will honestly tell me if my jeans make my butt look big (but only if I ask their opinion!)
• likes to laugh
• will listen to me bitch about stupid people, circumstances, and drivers
• like to go out to eat
• send me random emails about nothing and everything in particular
• will let me drive on road trips
• like different things than I do and can discuss it, but doesn’t assume that just because I am not into it, it’s not the end of the world or our friendship
• don’t care that I hate to vacuum (my carpets are disgusting)
• share their dreams with me
• don’t laugh at my dreams
• can be spontaneous when necessary
• like to read (even if our book/magazine tastes are different)
• don’t care that I don’t drink anymore (and don’t make a big deal out of it)
• know I am bossy (I just know what they should be doing)
• like it when I make our vacation plans
• were there for me when I got cancer
• love me unconditionally

The saying that friends are there for a reason, a season or a lifetime says a lot to me, and makes it easier when people come and go through my life.

But my own saying is: 

Friends may come and friends may go, 
but my best friends will be there forever (you know who you are!)


Call or email your friends today, and tell them you love them. Just because you can. See? Now I'm trying to boss you around too! 


Susan said...

Being friends with you has changed my life--it must be due to all that bossing around you do. I'm so happy that I stole you from my brother, even if you send me impossible improg words.

I just wish I lived close enough to go to dinner and the movies with you!

wonderbuns said...

hayley girl- I love you so. You even got my boring ass to comment on a blog. I am really going places now!! You also helped me survive breast cancer with my dignity and humor intact. Well, there was one incident with the pool guy and my misplaced fake boob, but I digress. You are the best, who gives a crap about your carpet- you are so very alive and kickin' and laughing and peeing your pants! Or is that me peeing because you make me laugh so hard??

Anyway, thanks for the improg!

Yes, it is Miss Margerie (the wonderbuns got supersized since my high school nickname!)