IMPROG - Time is the word of the day

Welcome to my improg. What’s an improg, you say?


I have a hat full of little slips of paper, sent to me by my counterpart improgger, Susan. We are going to be doing random acts of blogging.

TIME is the word I have pulled out of a hat. How apropos.

It seems as if I never have enough of it! Currently is it 8:21 am, PST. I have nothing on my schedule for today until 4:30 pm. Some how I will be rushing around to make the 4:30 appointment, and will ultimately be late. Even though I have been up for almost an hour and a half and that makes it so that, really, I have had 9-1/2 hours to get ready for this appointment.

Obviously, time management is NOT my forte.

Even though I made a New Year’s Resolution to never make a New Year’s Resolution again, each January is a good reality check. My goal (not resolution) is to be better at time management.

Gone are the days of the cutesy little appointment books where you can write 3 things in the daily spot. And then how are you supposed to remember anybody’s birthday if you don’t have it written on THAT page? Separate pages for separate things are idiotic. (Unless, of course, you use something like that and it works for you.) So now I have this huge appointment book. There are 3 days to one 8-1/2 by 11 page. It’s not cute. It doesn’t fit into my purse. But I am making the time to make the time to try to make my time flow better.

I am starting to schedule time to do everything. And that includes writing.

Currently reading “TIME to WRITE” by Kelly L. Stone.

That sums up my goal – having time to write. If you want to help me fulfill my goal, and have fun in the process, send random words to our office administrator – or leave a comment here. Maybe I’ll write about YOUR word next week.

It's now 8:44a.m. 15 minutes closer to that 4:30 appointment. Do you think I will be on time?

Rules for us: pull out a piece of paper and blog on whatever is on it.
Rules for you: read it, pass it on.
Want to get in on the action? Send a message to improg@CometRealty.com and our office administrator, Trixie, will get the ideas to us. Sometimes we will be blogging on the same topic, sometimes separate. At any rate, we are both funny and incredibly insightful, and you should put us in your favorites.

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Susan said...

I wish I had time to think up a witty comment, but I spent too much time blogging this morning and now I have to get to my "real" work. Love you!