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I have a hat full of little slips of paper, sent to me by my counterpart improgger, Susan. We are going to be doing random acts of blogging.

Rules for us: pull out a piece of paper and blog on whatever is on it.
Rules for you: read it, pass it on.
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ACTIVE…is the word of the day.

Hmmm…we could start out by saying how IN-active I am. I try to be more active, but I like to sit in front of the computer. I like to kid myself that is activity. It is, but I don’t think it’s the kind I am supposed to be concentrating on. I went bowling on Saturday, does that count?

After the chemo, and the hormone blockers I am taking – my entire body hurts. It was as if aliens came down, abducted me and returned somebody else’s body to me. I haven’t been to the gym in, well, I can say months, although I did get one of those free memberships and I went twice, so that counts for something. Doesn’t it? Does that make me active? I ran ½ mile a few weeks ago, and nobody was chasing me with a knife. Doesn’t that count for activity?

I’m only 41, and I sometimes feel like I’m 81.

My friend Dave came to visit me and told me I walked like an old lady. What a compliment, eh? He then turned me onto this book called PAIN FREE – A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain, by Pete Egoscue.

This book is incredible. Within a few weeks (yes, weeks) my feet no longer hurt and I can wear high heels again. In fact, some of the pain had subsided within 20 minutes. After a few weeks – my feet are happy (believe me – it is possible). My herniated disc is manageable and doesn’t wake me up at night. I haven’t thought about my sciatica in months.

So, I guess I have no excuse to not be active anymore. This book is awesome. If you are reading this and have any little quirks or hurts or whatever, go get it. You can get it on Amazon – it really is the most amazing thing.

But now I have to be more active. No more excuses. I don’t know whether to kiss this Pete Egoscue, or slap him! Check out his website – and you can be more active with me! http://www.egoscue.com/htdocs/gethelp.asp

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Susan said...

Hey, I've got my own tag in your blog! And yes, bowling counts.