RIP, My Little Mouse

Poor little mouse***. He was so good to me for 14 months. When I took him into my Apple store, they asked me if I got the Apple Care Plan. They said that if I had purchased it 24 months ago (for $100), I could get a new replacement mouse for free. Instead, today, I bought a new one for $50. 

You know I am no good with math, but even I know I came out ahead on this deal. 

RIP, my little friend. You will be missed. 

And I still have the satisfaction of having a computer that gives me no sass and no problems, while my poor hubby cusses at his PC regularly. 

***Just for the record...this is way better than the A Wocket In My Pocket Is Better Than A Mouse In My House!  Wow, did I really write that in December of 2007. Can you believe I've been blogging this long? And can you believe you have been reading my blog that long? This is my 163rd post (not counting guest blogs or other blogs I have or contribute to). We will have to do something fantastical for 200. 

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