As Seen On TV...

What image does this conjure up for you? 
Yep, me too.


I'm always fascinated by the stuff they sell on TV, and it's a good thing my attention span isn't long enough to sit and watch QVC. But those commercials come on, and I am reaching for the phone. My husband hides it from me.

Then I discovered that BB&B (no, not the Better Business Bureau, but Bed, Bath & Beyond) has an entire wall full of "As Seen On TV." How exciting!

I got suckered into the PedEgg the other day. Have you seen this thing? It's like a cheese grater for the bottom of your feet. But yet, it's gentle enough to use on a balloon. The "shavings" are collected in the bottom so they don't fly everywhere. This is a good thing, because the amount of crap it took off the bottom of my feet, well, let's just say that I almost threw up a little bit in my mouth as I was emptying it over the trash can. And now you want to know if it works, right? Oddly enough, it did. I'm sorta amazed. Of course, you have to use it to get it to work, but my $9.99 (less my 20% off coupon) was well spent, in my opinion.
This is a much better deal than that mini-sewing machine that I ended up with that I simply had to have. You know the one where you can sew curtains while they are hanging up, or you can hem a skirt while sitting at your desk. Let me tell you, that is some good marketing. Not only do I not sew, but I don't even like curtains. And I don't hem anything, nor do I wear skirts that often. It's still in the box. Under the bed. Of course, I tell my husband I use it all the time. He's not amused.
Anyway, don't be surprised if you get a Snuggie from me for Xmas this year. I mean, how many times have you been wrapped up in a blanket, and you can't get your arms out? I hate it when that happens. Anyway, they come with a free booklight. Now THAT's marketing.
I hear that mendy glue is pretty cool too. And it comes with glue you can sew rhinestones on your clothes with. It could take the place of my Bedazzler, and/or my mini sewing machine. Besides, I have a parachute I need to mend.
I'm turning on the TV. Gotta see what new marketing invention is all the rage.


Margerie said...

Hey did they have any Chia Body Part Kits? I am looking for the butt and the nose to add to our collection ;)

Missy said...

But you HAVE to pull out that mini sewing machine thingy and fire it up because I'm dying to know if it actually works. I'll even come over and rip the hem of your curtains just to be ever so helpful.

Julie said...

Hey I just bought a "Slap Chop". Have you seen those things? It's another guy that hypes them (not Billy Mays) but he convinced me!! I'll letcha know how it works.

Julie said...

PS I too have a Pedi-Egg. My mom bought it for me. It totally works.

Anonymous said...

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