Always keep your camera with you!

You should always keep your camera with you, because you never know when you will come across a Kodak moment. 

For example: I was going to the grocery store the other day, and pulled in next to this car: 

And just in case you can't see it so well, here is another angle.

It was a bit unnerving, as I couldn't tell if he was staring back at me. But I laughed all the way into the store. This blog wouldn't have been nearly as funny without the photos.

Before you leave your house again, make sure you have your camera! And for crying out loud, don't forget your dog's sunglasses.


shannond said...

I LOVE IT!!! Its not everyday you see a dog who looks cool in shades and looks like he is driving! Thanks for sharing the fun!

Margerie said...

She is a cutie!! LOL