Birds don't get much for Christmas

I went to tea with a very smart, very fun 5 year old yesterday. Perhaps you know and read her Mom, Margerie. Please note that the picture was taken a few weeks ago when I was visiting her (not her Mom) and she put on a dance show for us.

We got to talking about cooking (this is one of Little Miss Smart Girl's new passions). She got very excited as she put on her hat to match her dress which matched her gloves which matched her socks (this was tea, after all) and she looked at me and said, "You know how birds don't get much for Christmas?"

Obviously, I hadn't much thought about it. And I admit I have never, ever bought a bird a Christmas present, nor a birthday present for that matter. This was very important to her and she could hardly stand still as she was telling me what we could give the birds for Christmas.

She described a homemade bird feeder (peanutbutter, bird seed, etc). Of course, you had to add ribbons like you would on a wrapped present. I have a sneaking supsicion the ribbons are not part of the directions, but her own little special touch.

I can't remember what cooking website she and her Mom got this from, but I think if you pop on over to Smart Girls Fun blog, you will be able to figure it out. I would imagine that this is an all-ages project.

So, next time you see a bird, and are wanting to give them a present, think about making them a homemade bird feeder. Just don't forget to dress it up with ribbons so that they know it is a present for them.

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Margerie said...

Oh my goodness, dear daughter squealed with glee when she saw she made the blog. Hmmmm...she had so little confidence before...... ;)

I love seeing the world from the eyes of a child. I didn't realize birds were missing their Christmas presents either. I have a friend with a daughter the same age. She gave her dear daughter a dollar to give a homeless man and her daughter said "I hope you find your pirate ship mister."