The Dog, The Cat & The Rat, Oh My!

As you can see from my Twitter (right over there----->), I was in Santa Barbara yesterday. My friend Tammy was in town for esthetician training, and I got to be her model (yay! I look 20 years younger! Thanks, Tam!) Anyway, as we were walking down State Street, we came upon this site. At first glance, it just looks like a homeless person's belongings sitting behind the bush. Upon closer inspection, however, it is a dog, with a sleeping cat on top - and that white and black blob? It's a rat. Yep, dog, cat, rat, and a bucket for money for the privilege of taking pictures of this odd site. Now, I would have loved to get a closer picture. And may have even paid for it. But the guy was on his cell phone. I don't know, maybe he was talking to his agent, or just calling in for pizza delivery. But any homeless guy who has a cell phone? I'm thinking he may be doing okay.

In any case, I didn't feel bad about sneaking this picture and not paying for it.


Susan said...

Just when you think you've seen everything . . .

So sad about the restaurant. It was my grandma's favorite.

Margerie said...

Are we aure these critters are alive?

LOL. Lesson learned:

Life is an adventure. Bring your camera!