So, there is a new site with actual suggested IMPROG words on it. This makes for much easier blog fodder. Today's word is CONNECTION.

If you are interested in joining the latest trend, be sure to RSS it. They will be posting twice a week - once on Monday for your work day and once on Friday for your weekend!

As I was headed into the kitchen, I was contemplating the word: CONNECTION. Should I write about LinkedIn, one of my new favorite obsessions? Should I write about my internet connection and how we are all spoiled rotten because I could have never even imagined blogging (reading or writing) with dial up. And it wasn't THAT long ago that is what we all had. 

And then it happened. I stepped on my poor kitty's tail. She howled, I screamed (I wasn't at all sure it was my cat, and you know how I am about wild animals stalking me. If not, you can read about them here: blue jays or the mouse). I made an incredible connection with my foot to her tail.

That'll teach her to be in my way.
Or it might teach me to look where I am going.

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