Fabulous Woman Party

A few weeks ago, Margerie & I were invited to a Fabulous Woman Party by our mutual friend, Jean Steel. Neither of us knew but one or two of the people who were going to be attending.

Jean said we could dress up (you will often find her in a tiara). In fact, she encouraged people to wear tiaras, because she says that any day is a good day for a tiara. 

I called
Margerie earlier that day, and said, "Hey! Do you want to have some fun tonight?"
You can tell that
Margerie doesn't get to hang around me quite enough, because she immediately said, "SURE". She didn't ask me anything prior to committing. 

We walked into the party, Margerie with her wings on, I with a magic wand. Everybody thought it was great.

But the people who really enjoyed it were Danica Patrick & Betty Crocker who showed up about halfway through the party. 

After all, they are fabulous women too, and were thrilled to be there. 


Susan said...

I'm so excited to see Betty . . . I mean Margerie! And you to, Hayley, of course, but I already knew what you look like.

Margerie said...

LOL How did I miss this post?

I MAY live down Betty, but she was a fabulous Danica. I have learned that Hayley is creative and contagious beyond my wildest dreams. And that is SUCH a good thing.