PANIC BUY CARROTS!!!!! May 15th @ 2pm!

The day you have all been waiting for is finally here!!!

May 15th at 2pm, you simply must go to your local friendly grocery store and panic buy carrots. Why? Well, why not? 

It started as a drunken conversation between friends. The facebook group has grown to over a million people. They’ve received national news. And they have nothing better to do with their time. My kind of people!

I signed up for the group the second I read about it. Which also, strangely enough, happened to be just a few days after I took this picture in the central valley of California.

I am going to research carrot recipes so that I have something to do with the carrots, once I panic buy them. I wonder if I will be the only one in SLO doing it, or if there are other crazy people in this town. I hope there are others, cuz I can only buy so many.

Do you have any great recipes that call for carrots? The only one that comes to mind is the recipe from the Bugs Bunny cartoon about hasenpfeffer. I don’t recommend googling it, unless you want to be grossed out, like I am right now.

In any case, put 2 pm this Thursday, May 15 on your calendar!

If people in the store ask why you are doing it? Simply reply that the cabbage told you to.

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Madelyn said...

I am out to buy carrots....I love carrots.....I am telling everyone in Cleveland to buy carrots........xxooo