I'ts just annoying.

I've joined the gym again. I didn't want to talk about it until I knew it was working. Apparently, you have to actually go to the gym to get results, not just pay them money. It's only taken me 41 years to get it. 

I've been good and have been working hard - 3-5 classes a week, and sometimes even on the weekends. Have dropped a few pounds, but havealso  managed to drop a size and a few inches.

I do end up weighing myself when I go there though.

And you know what is annoying? The person who weighed themselves before you leaves THEIR weight on the machine. The last little skinny bitch that did it this morning weighed 106.

If I catch her, I'm gonna let her have it. I'm pretty sure I can take her. After all, I outweigh her by quite a lot. The only chance she has is if she can run faster than me. 


Margerie said...

If you only weigh 106 pounds, what the hell are you weighing yourself for?

I hope you catch her Hayley and way to go! (I need to get my arse in gear myself............)

Susan said...

Good for you, Hayley! I went on a tour of a gym once, but it didn't seem to help me.