IMPROG - Work is the word of the day

My improg word of the day is WORK.

Hmmm...Is somebody trying to tell me something?

I feel like I work all the time. I have so many different irons in the fire that it seems like I never get any real work done. I have different sets of people that know me from different walks of life. If you ask each of them what I do for work, below are some of the answers you might get:

  • Real Estate Broker and business owner
  • Aspiring author (that means a writer that isn’t published)
  • Interior decorator (not licensed)
  • Fundraiser for breast cancer research
  • Party planner
  • Spokesmodel for a wine company
  • Volunteer at Hearst Cancer Resource Center
  • Blogger
  • President of young cancer survivors group
  • Writer/actress for a stage production
  • Nothing

And truth be told? They are all true. Every single one of them. Here is the only problem: I don’t get paid for all of them, but I work equally hard at all of them.

I had a grand realization over the past few weeks. I am spreading myself too thin. I am dedicating myself to projects that aren’t doing anything for me except for making me crazy. That isn’t to say they aren’t all worthwhile. It just means that I need to focus on what I really want to do, not what everybody else wants me to do.

Susan emailed me a lecture last week (a very nice lecture, but a lecture all the same). She made some really good points, as only a friend who knows me very well can do. The sentence she wrote that I keep going back to???

...you don’t have to be involved in a big way in each thing you do…

Touche. She is right, of course. 100%. I always think if a little is good, more is better. It’s the “ic” or “ism” part of my personality. I need to focus, focus, focus.

For those of you who are wondering? Never did hear from those "other" people. At least I can cross that one off my list.

I know what I want - even if it is just some convoluted idea in my head. Or at least I am able to see parts of it. Don’t be surprised if I change my focus drastically. And meanwhile, as I trudge the road to happy destiny, I will keep on path.


Margerie said...

You drastic???? No way! ;)

Whatever it is you do.... whatever it is that is worthy of you, Miss Fabulous.... I can't wait to see!

(Oh, you forgot car restorer and roller hockey player on your list)

Susan said...

Now wouldn't it be great if I listened to my own lectures?

I love the fact that our paths are side by side so much of the time.

Keep on Path!