Apparently this coconut thing is an epidemic. I find it comical that in the last 2 days, I have been told twice that more people die from coconuts than die from shark attacks. One person from Avila Beach mentioned it on Wednesday, and then Susan from Vancouver told me about it today. The two people who said it have never met, nor do they even know anything about each other.

This is going to be useful when I go on vacation. As I head out to go scuba diving, the usual friends will wonder aloud about me being worried about sharks and being in the water with them. This is usually said as they are sitting on the beach. Underneath a coconut tree. Here is a picture of me, doing the universal "Holy shit, there's a shark" underwater signal. I'm still here to talk about it. 

So, to keep yourself safe, I think you should adopt these guidelines:

  • Do not walk directly underneath a coconut tree. 
  • Do not sit under a coconut tree. 
  • If you hear a rustling sound coming from the top of a coconut tree, RUN. 
  • If you see somebody in a grocery store hoisting a coconut above their head, RUN. 
  • If you see a shark, throw a coconut at him.  


Anonymous said...

thats a really great underwater shot! you must have a really great friend to take the really great shots of you with all the man eating coconuts swimming about in the water

Madelyn said...

Good blog.. every time a white tip was going for me I was always looking for a coconut to throw...hummm, they are hard to see with your eyes shut!!!

Margerie said...

Hmmm... I make a great coconut cake. But the sharks are safe!