My time is important too.

This is bullshit. I am sitting here for a proposed lunch meeting that was set up by somebody else. I have officially been stood up. I have ordered and am not waiting any longer.

I have been trying to volunteer my time and services for something that is going to benefit something local that I believe in. I have told the powers that be that I will do what I can and am at their disposal. The first event was set up (without my help) and not only was I not asked to help, but I wasn’t even invited (wouldn’t have spent the $500 per plate anyway - there are other ways to make money). 10 days before the event, then I get the email asking for my help to sell tickets. I didn’t bust my ass to do it, and I have no idea how the event turned out. Last time I heard, they had 40 tickets sold to a 100 person event. They wanted it to be “EXCLUSIVE”.

At the grand opening my friend & I practically begged to help on another event. I used to do parties for a living. Everybody who knows me knows I know how to do it. She used to fundraising events for a living. The powers to be agreed they needed help. There were even emails that went around talking about it. She & I checked our schedules, and gave them different times to meet - offering to come to their places of business to help them out. After all, their time is very important.

Finally, a day is picked where we can meet. THEY picked the time. I made sure I could make it and worked my day around it.

In the meantime, I have done a lot of legwork. I have people to help for the event. I have a location donated. I have a band donated. I have volunteers willing to donate their time.

And guess what? I’m sitting here at the restaurant, and I have clearly been stood up. Their time is obviously more important than mine.

Guess what else? I’m not begging to give my time for somebody who doesn’t even have the fucking decency to call me (or even email) to tell me they can’t make it.

I wonder where they are going to have the event.
I wonder who they are going to get to volunteer their time.
I wonder if they will be able to get a band to play at the event, at no charge to them.
I wonder how much money they are going to raise.

I wonder now if they think their time is more important than mine.


Margerie said...

Oh rant away baby!

And they wonder why their first event failed! People suck! Especially adminisuckers.

I say mutiny! Where is my big club?

(and of course, WTF do they care- they don't care about the organization to receive the $)

Pondside said...

I Coordinate Volunteers when I'm not reading blogs - and what happened to you is awful. In my world, volunteers are gold and I'd rather inconvenience someone from management than a volunteer. I hope you make your displeasure clear to them.
I found your blog through Susan's at Always an Editor. When I saw the San Luis Obispo connection I just had to read - I was there last year, for the first time, to visit family. What a gorgeous part of the world!

Rayne said...

I don't blame you for being pissed. How incredibly rude and thoughtless and what a major loss on their part.