IMPROG: Worry is the word

What a great word to pull out of my envelope today. Thanks, Susan!

WORRY - you may think that I don’t worry, because of my cavalier attitude, but, as only a true cancer survivor can do, I worry about lots of things.

I failed to write an improg last week, and I was worried that you might not stick around to read what else I had to say.

I worried that you wouldn’t believe my sister-in-law tried to make a cheesecake with brie.

I worried that my April Fool’s blog would make you not believe me. Of COURSE I am not in Mexico, people. Don’t you know me better?

I have piled on stuff to do this weekend and I am worried that I won’t have enough time to get everything done.

I am working at the Hearst Cancer Resource Center on Saturday (grand opening!!!) and I also have a memorial service for my friend’s son, Spencer, here at the house.

I am worried I won’t get the house clean, or that I won’t have enough food for 60 people.

I am worried about Shari, being that she lost her 14 year old son, and I worry about her family. I know they will make it through it, but I can’t help but worry. And if I could just stop crying every time I think about her, I will be able to be strong for her again.

I worry because I found a lump on my leg and I am convinced it’s a tumor. But don’t YOU worry, because I have taken full advantage of having my doctor’s email address and sent him a message. I’ll keep you posted.

I worry that if I don't clean out my fish tank soon, Fuckin' Lucky (that's the fish's name) is going to die.

I worry that I am going to be late to have lunch with Mechell, and that means I have to wrap this up. I’m meeting her at 12:30 and it is now 12:20.

PHEW. Now I don’t have to worry about improgging this week!!! It is officially done.

Hasta la vista, baby!


Margerie said...

Hi Lumpy,

OK really- the lump in your leg is probably a veiny thing or a spider bite or a lipoma (fatty cyst) or hernia if in the groin area. OK I am a dentist and I don't really know, but it is nothing- but get the official word on it so you don't have to WORRY.

Crap I think worry should be a 4-letter word! I am so sorry about your friend's son. You are such a good friend to everyone! I can fill in for you at the Hearst Center. Call me and let me know!

Thinking of you and hope you will be smiling soon!

Susan said...

Hang in there, Hayley! How about if I do your worrying for you while your so busy this weekend?

Love you!

p.s. Isn't it weird how our words are so applicable at the time we have to write about them?