April Fools Day jokes!

Greetings and salutations from Zihuatanejo, Mexico! I subscribe to the travel deals and when I looked on Travelzoo, they had a deal from LAX to Zihuatanejo. We turned back around to LA last night, and are enjoying the 85 degree sunshine! Now, I know what you are thinking. You are wondering if we are still going to go to Zihuatanejo for Tim's birthday next March, and the answer is YES. I will be scouting for locations and great things to do over the next 4 days. We will be home this weekend with lots of photos and we will each have a nice suntan and be well rested! 

April Fool's sorta snuck up on me. I usually am great at pranks. One year, I called in late from work with the excuse that I had broken my wrist trying to snowboard. Never happened. My BFF Edna Medna Big Fat Pedna has, but I haven't. 

Last year during Sapphire Moon's rehearsal, I hobbled for the first 45 minutes of rehearsal with a knee brace and crutches, claiming I tweaked my knee playing soccer, claiming "the show must go on!" Never happened. Don't play soccer. Didn't tweak my knee. 

But my favorite of all time pranks??????? Luckily for you, there is still time for you to do this. Get the phone number to your favorite zoo (SF, NY, Denver...whatever floats your boat). Have it handy and call the person who you wish to prank. Now this works better if this person A) Has an assistant who can take the message (quick, call during lunch), B) is out of the office and has voice mail, C) doesn't answer their phone directly! It might be a hit or miss. 

You need to, very professionally, say that you need to leave a message for _____(insert name here). This is Mr./Mrs. Lion (or you can use Bill D. Bear) if you wish, and ask that _____ return your call. Give them the zoo's phone number. 

This gets two people at once. The person who you are pranking, and the poor person who answers the phone at the zoo. Uh, Mr. Lion can't come to the phone right now? Bill D. Bear isn't taking phone calls - he is still in his cage? 

Anyway, caller id may have screwed us on the prank phone calls for this century, but if you play your cards right, you can still do some good ones for today. 

Make a few for me. My cell phone doesn't want to roam and calling from Mexico is expensive. I'm going to get a taco and a cold coconut and lay on the beach.  


Susan said...

Are you really in Mexico or is this an April Fool's Day joke? If you're in Mexico, why the heck are you blogging? And commenting? Turn off your computer, you blog nerd!

I want a postcard as proof, please and thank you.

Margerie said...

I was going to say the same thing! There is no Zihuatanejo, Mexico and Hayley and Tim are in a tanning salon drinking some fermented funny stuff ;)

Anyway, you two have a fantastic trip!!! Can't wait to see your tan!

P.S. I am much too lame to pull off any good April Fool's tricks. I need to go to Hayley School.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the year at KV when you were closing on all those escrows and we each called you to say we wanted to change the color of the town house?? I dont think you really believed us but it was fun doing it :)

Love ya,