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I have a hat full of little slips of paper, sent to me by my counterpart improgger, Susan. We are going to be doing random acts of blogging.

Rules for us: pull out a piece of paper and blog on whatever is on it.
Rules for you: read it, pass it on.
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DRIVE…is the word of the day.

Odd, but for some reason when I read Susan’s suggested improg word, I kept hearing music. That would probably be because when I am driving by myself, I like the top down, pedal to the metal and the music really loud.

DRIVE, by the Cars comes to mind. Can you believe that was 1984? Incubus has a song called DRIVE. Can anybody forget the Beatles Drive My Car? REM did a DRIVE. Dave Matthews Band took it one step further and went Drive in, Drive Out. Blind Melon did a Drive. Garbage is going to Drive You Home and apparently they hooked up with QUEEN who was Driven By You. One of the best bands in the world – RUSH is Driven and Verve Pipe wants to Drive You Mild. Scorpions did a Drive. Ziggy Marley did a Drive (should he be driving?) Rob Halford also did a Drive, and Sting is Driven To Tears. Fixx is Driven Out and Ratt Drives Me Crazy. Sugar Ray did a Drive By and I couldn’t even begin to tell you what Alien Sex Fiend did. Beach Boys went to the Drive-In, possibly with Def Leppard who went to the Drive-In on Saturday. Foo Fighters Drive Me Wild, while Hootie & The Blowfish have Driver 8, which probably goes along with Chris Smither’s Drive You Home AGAIN. Johnny Cash is off to Drive On.

And so am I. Here is my plan: Make a new i-tunes play list with all the songs that have to do with driving. Then it’s top down, pedal to the metal, music really loud.

I’m going to drive! But first, I will get Lucy the dog off the trunk of my car, and into the front seat.


wonderbuns said...

Drive, today when I think of drive- I think of things that DRIVE me crazy!! Haha- not funny today my nose is so stuffed up, yet the rest of me is parched- eyes, skin, lips. So I look like a stuffed fish and sound like one too. I also think of all the little things I have accidentally used "drive into" instead of "stop, there is something in the way" namely: kid's baby stroller (no kid, just Grover), the garage door (whoops- the pod was still on the car), skateboard ramp, curbs (various), the dog once (she survived and never slept behind my car on the asphalt again), miscellaneous kids toys and sidewalk chalk. I think I can make a new art form from all this!

Thanks for the laughs Hayley, and keep them coming!!

Love ya,

Susan said...
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Susan said...

When I wrote that word down, I was thinking of two things: (1) that wonderful feeling of driving all alone early on a sunny morning and (2) the urge to accomplish things, get somewhere, live life to the fullest. Which do you think reminds me of you the most, Miss I-Have-An-Idea-For-Another-Project?

[p.s. Earlier comment deleted because of a glaring typo. Can't have that now, can we?]

Grandma Susan said...

Drive...you think of cars and music...I think of being driven crazy...and it is a really short drive! I have 4 children and 6 grandkid's and loving each one just the way they are...like any good Mother/Grandmother should..
However..they drive me nuts..and just when I get they seem to aqll be doing well...it's my Husband!
lots of hugs to all (we need them every one of them)

Dawn said...

Funny you chose drive> I have not driven in 2 weeks since my colon cancer surgery. When my friends come to pick me up they say hop in Daisy as in "Driving Miss Daisy" I think I might venture out tomorrow and take myself for a little drive! Have a great Day! Dawn