IMPROG: Tired is the word

My word today is tired. This fits in so many ways! I know that Susan was tired when she wrote this word, and I happen to be exhausted today, too!

I have been going non-stop on projects, home sales, and phone calls!

The hard thing about being commission only, is that if you don’t work, you don’t make money. I find myself on the computer the second I get up (okay, so I stop to get a cup of coffee first), and end up checking my email last thing before I go to bed. It isn’t odd at all to find me on the computer when my husband comes home after he plays soccer at 9pm, even though I have been on it all day (since that first cup of coffee!!!)

Even though I end up doing a lot of surfing, blog reading, blog writing, playing on Facebook or MySpace, I still do lots of work. It varies between finding houses for my clients, trying to find a literary agent for this fantastic book that Susan and I have compiled, and trying to find time to write.

Last week, I got up early (for me) so that I could go on realtor caravan to see all the new houses that had been listed in SLO. There were about 15 that we wanted to see. Our buddy Zeena has this amazing property listed + she was serving breakfast, so we went there first to say hi, enjoy the view and have some of Z's homemade strata. This house is pretty spectacular - it is literally on top of the world in Avila Beach. The view is of the hill tops (which are green for right now), and you can even sneak a peek at the ocean from there. The weather was 65 degrees and spectacular. We hung out on one of the porches and just chatted with a few other Realtors who were also there. The drive up there is kinda hairball, as the road is one of those twisty turny things and on the way up there are a few of those big round mirrors, so you can see if anybody is coming around the corner. Perhaps that should have been a sign. 

There is a certain RE Broker who shall remain nameless that showed up a bit after we did. She is one of those snotty Realtors (you know what I am talking about) who thinks she is better than everybody else. I wanted to push her off the porch and into one of the holes that had been dug to put a fruit tree in it, and then cover her up, much like a cat does with its poop. (Oops, did I just write that for all to see?)
Anyway, we decided to leave (plus we have 14 other houses to go to, if you remember from earlier in the story). One of our buddies was behind us. As bad as the road is to get to the top of the world, the driveway is nice and asphalted, but it is a one lane road. And twisty and turny. As we came around one of the turns, there was another Realtor trying to drive up the road. He was about 20 yards from the main road, and as easy as it would have been for him to back down, it would have been torture for us to back up (1/4 mile?). But he was cool, he had his truck and he decided to pull off one side of the road (our side was a drop off) and let us go by. 
You need to know that it has been raining here quite a bit. And on top of the world there are natural springs that criss cross under the land. The second Dan's tire hit the mud, he sunk about 2 feet down and his car was very lopsided. In addition to the car being lopsided, he also couldn't get out and we were all stuck on a driveway at the top of the world.  Luckily, the people who were there at the time were like "Oh well, at least it's a beautiful day and we have a terrific view." Even after the tow truck said it would be 45 minutes to come get him out. About that time, Ms. I’m-Better-Than-Everybody comes down in her little BMW station wagon to find us all stopped, and is looking pissed. When we told her what had happened, she did one of those really heavy sighs, said, "Well at least I have my books on tape and my cell phone, so I can make some client calls." Then she proceeded to roll up her window and stayed in her car for the next hour. 
The rest of us were out laughing and joking and enjoying the day. I let my dogs out and they were running around. Ms. I’m-Better-Than-Everybody never even got out of her car, or even rolled down her windows again the entire time. 
I trudged back uphill to the house for a pee break and some provisions, and brought some food back for the rest of us, but she never even looked in our direction. She just sat in her BMW with that pissy look on her face like she was SOOOOOO busy and couldn't be bothered. Now, we are all busy. But she just acts like she is the only one who is busy and can’t be bothered to stop.
So, that is the story about me getting stuck on top of the world with Ms. I’m-Better-Than-Everybody. She needs to stop and smell the roses. Or her shit, cuz I am pretty sure it stinks. 

And in case you are wondering what this has to do with me being tired???? I realized, as I was sitting on top of the world, without a computer and not on my cell phone, I was tired. And I have not been taking advantage of all the world has to offer. And perhaps, I too, needed to stop and smell the roses.


Anonymous said...

you should have given her the teeth!

cybsister said...

...by that last comment, I meant "give her the teeth" instead of "give her the finger." ...translation "flash her the teeth" (as in your gag ones...
If those don't get a chuckle, nothing will!

...and tying into your theme of "drive" the other day and "tired" today, don't forget Jackson Browne's "Running On Empty."

chrys said...

Well, I call that making lemonade out of lemons. Life is way too short and after all she was the looser!
Congrats on the win!

Anonymous said...

Hayley I would rather spend 5 hours on top of the world with you than 20 minutes with that beeyatch in her freakin' BMW.

And get some refresh for yourself- this time of year is kinda draggy!

Susan said...

I was tired when I wrote that word. I'm still tired. Can I come smell the roses with you?