Dishes Men Like. It's All About the Worcestershire.

I love this. My friends Mom, NORMA, was cleaning out her house, and thought I would love this.  These recipes are awesome. And all include one of my favorite kitchen staples:  Worcertershire Sauce. I'm not sure if women like these too, because that is not what this is about! 


Copyright 1952
Lea & Perrins, Inc.
241 West St
New York 13, N.Y. 

So–to please a man–what easier way than to season his food at home the way he likes it! In this collection recipes, some of the dishes may be new to you, some old. But all are seasoned with the zesty flavor of Lea & Perrins Sauce. As you find your own favorites along the pages of this book, we hope you'll get into a habit the men in your life are sure to like, that of keeping Lea & Perrins handy in the kitchen as well as in the dining room.

If you're curious about the story of this zesty easy-to-use Lea & Perrins Sauce men seem to prefer above all others–here's how it started...

Over a hundred years ago an English nobleman, who had been Governor of the province of Bengal, returned from the Orient with a treasure. Not gold, but a recipe: the recipe for a rare sauce, a secret blend of spices and seasonings that lend to food new savor and delight. Well worth it's weight in gold for the thrilling flavor it seemed to release from almost every dish!

From this recipe, Lea & Perrins of Worcester, England, compounded a sauce. The sauce became popular at once, fist locally, then from continent to continent.

Today Lea & Perrins is an institution; a symbol for good dining and good hospitality. You will find it in the world's most famous cafes and hotels...in London, Vienna, Paris, the Orient...wherever fine flavor in food is appreciated.

And the quality of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce has remained supreme for over a century...unmatched by ago of its many imitators. Be certain you enjoy the genuine...insist on the label identifying the sole possession of the original formula - Lea & Perrins.

Salt and pepper are not enough. Keep a bottle of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce right alongside your kitchen set of salt and pepper shakers. Use Lea & Perrins as freely and as often as you do your salt and pepper to flavor steaks, chops, roasts, and fish. See what a difference a touch of Worcestershire makes in egg, cheese and macaroni dishes–in salads and salad dressings. Here in one handy bottle is a blend of rare seasonings and spices so versatile, so captivating, you'll never want to be without it.

Don't wait for your man to ask for the Worcestershire. Iclude it with the salt and pepper shakers when you set the table. You'll save extra trips by keeping a bottle of Lea & Perrins on the dinner table as well as in the kitchen. And make it easier for each individual to season his food just as he likes it best.

And don't worry. I won't tell anybody what the main ingredient is in this sauce. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. I'll wait here while you go check your bottle of Worcestershire Sauce. Prepare to be dumbfounded. 


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