Five Minutes of My Life I Will Never Get Back!

I generally turn my cell phone off about 8pm and leave it in my office. Because I am hooked on technology, I still have my ipad with me at all times. After 8pm usually means it's on my lap while I am sitting in front of the TV (usually playing candy crush). I also have my text messaging set up on my ipad, so as long as somebody else has registered with imessage, I receive those messages on said ipad. 

It's 11:13 on Monday night. 
I've just completed my final round on Level 181 of Candy Crush. My screen notifies me I have a text message. Expecting it to be my niece, I switch over and read this from one of my tenants: 

"The fire department is here. We can't find the fuse box."

I can assure you that no matter how tired I was at that time, this was like slamming a double espresso directly into my veins. I typed quickly back on my ipad WHAT? 

Then I ran into my office to get my phone, where I had missed three messages from said tenant. 

Apparently, one of her plugs started to "spark and spew". 

Luckily, she is a smart one, so she called the fire department who came and shut off the power to that portion of the house. I was able to get an electrician out to fix it yesterday morning, fairly inexpensively. It was nothing but a short in the wire which, had the tenant not been home, would have been disastrous. 

On a side note, the house will be mostly vacant this summer, as they are all moving back home this weekend. I am SO thankful they were at home! 

But that is seriously five minutes of my life I will never get back. 

I love property management! 

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