How do I love Emily?

I have the best next door neighbor. Ever. Period.

How do I love Emily? Let me count the ways...

She shares her persimmons with me. She comes over for every Sunday supper and makes the most amazing desserts. She makes me laugh. She is a breast cancer survivor, a mother, a friend, a widow, and one of the coolest people I know.

She fits in with everybody and doesn't bat an eye over the random array of friends I have. In fact, she charms each and every one, and they all are proud to call her their friend, too. They all wish she lived next door to them. We have installed 2 "friendship gates" in our shared fence. One that leads to the front doors of our houses (we live on a hill and don't have to go down our steep driveways to hang out), and the other at the back of our property that leads to the kitchen doors. My dogs adore her (she always has treats in her pocket).

I got so lucky to live next door to such a special, wonderful, charming person.

I love ya, Emily!

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