Remember Me?

When Good Plans Go Awry
My buddy Jean's friend was visiting her from (insert podunk town here). He used to be the drummer for the band Scandal. You will remember the song, sung by Patty Smythe and Scandal, "Goodbye to You". You can find this video (and other bad 80's video) on YouTube, because apparently, we are not the only one with time on our hands. (click here) The drummer had NO clue that video was even on line.

Jean and Drummer located the video, and there was this amazing stream of dialogue from people all over the world debating about who was hot, who was not, who was still alive, who was a drunk, a druggie or dead, and what they were all doing now. Apparently, more people than not, think that Drummer is dead (he moved somewhere that he may as well be, if I remember correctly, but this has nothing to do with our story). After their fun weekend, Jean was over here at my office and we pulled up the video and started to read the dialogue. It was freakin' hysterical. And of course, then I couldn't get the song out of my head and proceeded to sing it for days (much like I will today, I am sure). So, for shits and giggles, I decided to write something funny and witty on the screen, of course, about Drummer. So, I typed in "I think I slept with the drummer. Last weekend." I hit enter and waited for them to ask me for a screen name (which I was going to make up).

All of a sudden, my comment pops up on the screen. With my main YouTube screen name on it. For all of the world to see. I announced that I slept with Drummer. Last weekend. You can imagine my surprise. And Jean's shock. Much to my chagrin, my computer keeps me signed in as "HayleyTownley", no matter what, because one day I clicked the little box that says "remember me on this computer."

I got incredibly lucky in that everybody was too busy debating about who was doing what when, that my comment went unnoticed. This could have been a disaster. But anytime Jean and I even talk about it, we get the giggles so bad that diet coke comes out our nose.

The moral of this story? Sign in on your husband's account if you are going to write creepy messages on-screen from now on.

And now dear friends, I say, with much singing, hopping, snapping, clapping, blue eyeshadow and big hair:

Goodbye to you,
Goodbye to you,
Goodbye to you!


Margerie said...

Awww.. Hayley, whenever I am in the mood for shits and giggles, I check your blog!! ROFLMAO!!!

A.Madelyn said...

Hey, I miss you, thanks for the ShittsandGiggles, coke out my nose....MTW

shannond said...

nice!! it sounds like reply to all, when trying to do a sneaky forward and hitting send before noticing!