The Grass Is Always Greener

I was in Cleveland yesterday. My sis-in-law, Madelyn and I spotted some geese and goslings crossing the road we had just passed. I missed the photo opportunity (you know how I hate that), but enjoyed watching from a distance. 

When we drove back 15 minutes later, the geese and goslings had apparently found out that the grass is just fine on their own side of the road, and is not, in fact, greener and better on the other side. They are happily going back home. This time, we pulled over and waited for them to cross back, camera in hand.

This is how I feel! I started to blog for somebody else. I fairly quickly found out that there was nothing wrong with blogging for myself (and for you). 

Join me as I trudge the road to happy destiny. I'm back and will be blogging on my own terms once again. 

And P.S. GO CAVS! They were the real reason I was in Cleveland. These photos were taken from my seat on the floor of The Q. 

I assume you know that is LeBron James in the first few photos. He is a KING! The final one is my foot and the game ball. Too bad we didn't have very good seats. HA! 

Let's let the Cavs have their two days across the road in Orlando and beat Magic, and then trudge the road to happy destiny back to Cleveland and win this series. 

I smell a championship!  


Susan said...

I'll join you as you trudge the road to happy destiny!

Glad to see you back.

Margerie said...

Great to have you back on our team. We missed you! And that last photo just proves that you tripped LeBron :)

shannond said...

I love the geese! So much cuteness! But a good lesson for all your viewers, the grass is good where you water it!! So I water all the grasses in my life! :)