The hardest part about going to the gym...

...is GOING to the gym.

I’ve belonged to the gym on and off for years. I even go. Sometimes. At least I always have good intentions of going. At the beginning of the contract, I have big aspirations of going every single day and seeing results in hours. Then, it tapers off to just during the week, and hoping for the results in weeks. I even try to schedule it on my calendar. Unfortunately, I cancel the “going to the gym” way quicker than I ever would a doctors appointment or a meeting with colleagues.

I was in one of those ruts the end of last year. I feigned being too busy and not having enough time. Eventually, I stopped going. I would feel totally guilty when I drove past it. I asked my accountant if I could write off my monthly membership as a donation.

Then something happened. My 42nd birthday. I began thinking that we only get one life, and one body, and I should try to take better care of it.

I’ve been given second chances. I looked down the rabbit hole and beat breast cancer. I’ve had scares since then. I have come out on the other side and want to do something to insure I can be the best person that I can be.

I think I have figured it out. The hardest part about going to the gym is actually GOING to the gym. Getting dressed and getting in the car. Once I am there, it’s easy to do.

Perhaps I should list on my calendar: dress in workout clothes and get in car.

The rest will follow.

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Margerie said...

I have my personal trainer come to my house. So if I am still in my pj's she would still make me work out :P She is mean like that :)

Keep up the good work! Try riding a tandem with flat tires or something :)