Season's Greetings

After shoveling the driveway, the girls dig out Rico, their new dog-faced brother. Jen and Dan supervise from the comfort of the family room.

I have no idea who these people are. Chances are, you don't either. But you may have received a Christmas card from them in the past. 

Several years ago, I ordered my Xmas cards from a popular website. Instead of MY Xmas cards, I received these. The site sent me the correct ones and said they  would replace this family's as well. They told me I could dispose of these. 

But I didn't. I sent them to all my friends anonymously.

I had them going too. As Dan told Julie, "We got Christmas cards from people we don't even know!"

My plan was to continue to age and alter the photo and send greetings from Dan, Jen, Emily, Samantha and Baby Rico. Until Tim blurted out "It's Hayley. She did it. She sent the cards."

He's cute. He's darling. I love him so. But he cannot keep a secret! So, most of you found out then it was me. And if you weren't let in on the secret then, now you can rest assured that you don't need to feel bad - you really didn't know them.

But I am sure that they would still wish you joy, peace and love this holiday season.

As do I! I hope you had a magical Christmas and that 2009 brings you all that you deserve. 

And P.S. I wouldn't tell Tim any secrets if I were you.  

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Margerie said...

LOL last year we got someone else's cards from the card company too. But I made the ever-so-exciting decision to use them for scrap paper. I think your idea is so much better... I have a few left and I will send one to Tim next year... the picture is a good one LOL! (Shhh don't tell, YOU can keep a secret right?)