Great Party! Spectacular Women!

This is me and my friend, Mari Robeson. You may know her as the owner of that awesome boutique in the Village of Arroyo Grande: Mari Robeson Home, Divine Details for Home & Child. 

You may know her as that hot chick that used to work in advertising with my husband (at a company that shall remain nameless) and drive that little red car. Or as one of the amazing dancers who shined with Miss Pat. 

You may not know this, but Mari is responsible for how incredibly cool the new decor for Rosa's Italian Restaurant in Pismo Beach is. She is a crazy good designer and a spectacular woman. 

Mari's boutique had it's second anniversary party earlier this month. She always does something fun and funky to make it enjoyable for her customers.

She had her friend Christine Mason Miller come to sign books. Christine is an artist. 

Christine is also the author of Ordinary Sparkling Moments. You simply HAVE to get this book. I bought a few for Christmas presents and I cannot tell you how glad I am that I kept one for myself. And even thought to have Christine sign it for me! 

Really, if you are looking for something unique, this is it. Why not start a trend and give a few as New Year gifts? A  delightful way to start the new year would be with a cup of tea and Ordinary Sparkling Moments. That is my plan.

Christine is also a blogger: **Sparkletopia**. Her posts are short, sweet, profound and jam packed as full of information as you can get in a few short paragraphs. I don't know how she consistently does it, but she does. You need to RSS this gal!

Her book is also her art. Did I mention that Christine is an artist? You can check out more of her art at her Etsy shop. 

If you are local, you can get Christine's book at Mari Robeson Home (151 West Branch, AG), or you can order it from any of Christine's sites. 

And, in case you are wondering what I was doing with some of the royalty of spectacular women? Mari asked me to serve and taste wine from Cleavage Creek. Oh, haven't you heard? I'm on a bottle of Cab Syrah! 10% of the gross proceeds go to cutting edge breast cancer research. I was chosen among these 5 other spectacular women and breast cancer survivors to be part of the Women of Cleavage Creek. 

Meet 2008 Women of Cleavage Creek. They are left to right: Kathy Von Riper, Maimah Karmo, Theresa Larson, Patricia Wix, Heidi Marble, Hayley Townley. 

I'm honored and humbled. If you live on the Central Coast, you can pick up a bottle of my Cab Syrah at Jaffa Cafe (1212 Higuera, SLO), or you can always order directly from Cleavage Creek.com. The wine is great, the cause is spectacular. 

I'd be delighted to sign a bottle of wine for you! 

Thanks again to Mari for inviting me to be a part of her anniversary party. And thanks again to Christine for signing my books and adding There Is Life After Breast Cancer. com  to her blog roll. 

I just love networking with spectacular women! 


Mari Robeson said...

Hey, Miss Hayley!!! That is so nice of you!! Thank you for the very kind words! Happy Holidays to you and all!!! Cheers!

Swirly said...

It was SUCH a lovely afternoon, and I am so happy we met. Happy New Year to you!!