I am trying to clean my house. Somebody messed it up. Probably the dogs. But seriously, I have wrapping paper, presents, etc all over the place. I just had a birthday and ended with some fabulous presents from my fabulous friends (you know who you are!)

As I was taking inventory of my loot, I was taking out the tissue paper from the bags and flattening it out and refolding it for use later. Old habits die hard! My mom used to make me do that! Although I stopped saving the wrapping paper from gifts, having to carefully cut off the tape marks and reusing it - sometimes you have to know when to say when! If you get a present from me and think it's coincidence that I got the same bag that you got me, it's not. It IS the same bag. And the same tissue paper! Besides, recycling is all the rage these days. 

But am I turning into my mother????? 

This is a nice (but not easy) segue for you... Most of you know, my Mom passed away from a secondary recurrence of breast cancer in her 40's. I just turned 42. 

I'll start of by saying EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY!

We found another lump in the same breast my original cancer was in. The tests that have been run have not shown anything weird, although, everybody wants to take out the lump just to be sure. I have done lots of thinking, crying, talking, etc. (When I say "I", I mean, of course, my hubby and I). 

So, the end of this month, I am going to be getting a double mastectomy with reconstruction (from fat they take from my tummy). It's basically a new-boob-flat-tummy-surgery-thing. 

You can read all about it over on the blog I set up specifically for this. I didn't want to have to bore you to tears with all the boobie stuff here, and there is plenty of other stuff I can blog about in the meantime on this blog. Believe it or not, I'm not running out of things to say! HA! 

So, be sure to book mark ByeBye-Boobies.blogspot.com. RSS-subscribe is even better. (Let me know if you need me to walk you through that one!)

Margerie got me this fabulous t-shirt that she created on her Cancer Speaks shop. I plan on wearing it home from the hospital.

I appreciate the things my Mom taught me. Recycling is good for the environment! 


Darell said...

Hayley, you recycled is better than any other 10 "original issue" people I know.

Margerie said...

I think you chased that house messer over here....

You are beautiful, no matter what part is where! EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK!!

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