I'm a Spirited Woman!

You know how when you find Something that is SO spectacular and you wonder to your self, "Self, how could I have not known about this??? Why has nobody told me about this??"

I had one of those moments this week. And you are about to as well, so grab your coffee or tea and sit down, listen and get ready to smile and click!

I got my
Cleavage Creek newsletter in my inbox this week (did you?) I noticed that they were sponsoring a really fantastic Holiday Guide. And, as you all know, Budge Brown and his team are fantastic at finding really cool things that truly make a difference in the world (yes, that's me on the far right - autographs on bottles of Cleavage Creek Cabernet Syrah, anytime you want).

Just as I clicked over to
The Spirited Woman.com to check out aforementioned Holiday Guide, I got an email from Nancy Mills, Founder of Spirited Women, Creative Fun for Inspired Women. She invited me to join her team of Spirited Women from all around the globe. For those of you who don't know exactly what that means, it's like going to a new school and having the really pretty, funny and popular girl who everybody loves, invite you to sit at her table at lunch. At least I think it is - that never happened to me, but I would imagine this is what that would have felt like! 

Serendipitous? Surely. Score? Big time.

After spending a few moments cruising around
The Spirited Woman.com, I decided that Nancy might have to be my new BF! How could I not know about this site, this guide and this cool lady?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have now downloaded the Spirited Women Holiday Guide, and you can too. It's not just for women - guys can download it too, and maybe find some great ideas to give to your Spirited Woman for the holidays.

I am passing on this great find to you. I'd love to keep the guide for myself, but I'm a giving gal. You may consider it my gift to you. All wrapped up with one of those recycled-from-a-magazine-crazy-fun bows
(under Environmental Gift Wrap Options in the guide - you can make them too!)

It's a guide to help you think out of the gift-giving box. Give back. Create change. Take a leap. Make a difference. Inspire others by the fact that you are inspired. And, oh yes. Have fun along the way.

HERE to visit The Spirited Woman. 
HERE to download The Spirited Woman Holiday guide.
HERE to buy Cleavage Creek wine, and help find a cure for breast cancer.

Everybody wins today. Make it a spectacular one.



In memory of Karen Patterson Tustin, my Mom. 
b. October 4, 1944, d. December 6, 1991


Margerie said...

Your beautiful momma, may she rest in peace, would be so proud of you!

You are my most favorite spirited woman Hayley!!

thespiritedwoman said...

Hi Hayley - You are an inspiration to so many women. I am so happy we met through the Cleavage Creek connection. May the Spirited Woman force be with you - always. But, hey, I know it already is. Best, Nancy Mills, founder of The Spirited Woman

P.S. And thanks for plugging our holiday guide. It really is great - if I do say so myself!