Halloween. Finally!

I know, I know. I've been bad and haven't posted anything for over a week! After the fun of the Halloween party, I got a helluva cold/flu (I knew I shoulda got that flu shot!) I promised Margerie I would post something, and soon. She dittoed it. And I think that my buddy Darell was skywriting me to get my attention. Maybe he should blog instead. (hint, hint)
Great guesses on what I was to be for Halloween (Mrs. Roper, curtains, table), but nobody got it. Of course, I didn't make it easy. Pay no attention to the Coneheads having sexual relations.

Despite the rain, we had a number of attendants (100+). Some of whom I am still trying to figure out if I knew them or they were party crashers (Amy Winehouse, an elderly couple, a chipmunk, flapper, red/black goddess, mannequins, cows, The Sheet Family, Soccer Refs, pregnant nun and her lesbian lover, Tony Orlando and Dawns of the Dead, Dr. Phil, etc, etc)
In fact, the rain just made it more fun - as long as you weren't standing under the tarp when Beldar was releasing the water.

Please don't feel bad if your photo didn't show up. This is only from MY collection. Rest assured that whatever you were doing, and whoever you were doing it with, got caught on film.

So, now you know I am still alive. And now I really must clean my house. After the party and being in bed all week, I noticed that somebody messed it up. I am going to kick their ass when I catch who did it!

Love, Prymatt Conehead

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Tyler said...

Wow! People went all out at your party! Looks like a great time!