What do you do?

Imagine yourself amidst all the people in the Goodwill Store. It's Halloween time, and most people are buying their Halloween costumes.

You have a polyester-type-fabric "one-size-fits-all" green with pink flower thingy, complete with shoulder pads in your hands, along with matching items. The lady behind you comments about your terrific finds. She is serious and also distraught that she didn't find the one-size-fits-all thingy first.

Simply smile and walk away, that's what you do.

And for those of you are trying to figure out what I am going to be for Halloween? Come on. You know me better than that. I never dress and tell. I guess you will just have to come to my party to find out.

Here's a hint, although I wager it's impossible to tell by this.

Feel free to try!

What do YOU think I am going to be?

See below post for other costumes I have worn in the past: Mona Lisa, dancin' trousers, carrot, Mia from Pulp Fiction, gargoyle. Hard to tell what's next! 


Margerie said...

Mrs. Roper??????

LOL I know it will be great!!!

Tim- you would make a great Stanley....

shannond said...

LOVE THEM!! I really like the trousers! I can't even find you in them, but you must be there!! Mrs Roper is a heluva good guess though!