Things I've Learned Today

  • Donuts are still great for breakfast.
  • Amtrak has great customer service.  
  • Having headphones on means that even if the drunk guy sitting across from you keeps talking to you, you can pretend you can't hear him, even if you can. 
  • The cost of taxi cabs has gone up with the cost of gas.
  • The cost of a taxi cab from LA's Union Station to an airport near LAX is more than twice what the Amtrak ticket was (and my coupon was for 10% off the regular train fare). 
  • When you ask the guy at the front desk for change and hand him a $20, don't expect to get a $10, a $5 and 5 $1's, because 2 $10's are also change for a $20. 
  • Hotel TV's always have their commercials programmed louder than the actual TV program.
  • Cultural TV means that you can watch re-runs of Andy Griffith in Japanese with subtitles, Cops in Spanish, Infomercials in at least 2 different languages (one of which you can't identify), and still can't find anything to watch.
  • I'm looking forward to the plane ride tomorrow so that I can start reading the book that my friend AssMunch loaned me: A Confederacy of Dunces. 
  • I'm glad I remembered my passport.
  • I'm really looking forward to the Cleavage Creek Cellars retreat in Mexico this weekend (my Cab Syrah release date is October 4!)
  • I miss my hubby and my dogs already. 
 And now, I am done blogging until Tuesday, as I don't think I am going to get internet service where I am staying in Mexico. 

Over and out! Hasta luego! 


Margerie said...

Have a great retreat!!!

Susan said...

I'll miss you!

(Which is a ridiculous thing to say since I live 1200 miles away from you, but it's true.)