Things I learned in Mexico

This past weekend, I went on a fabulous retreat with 5 other breast cancer survivors (big shout out to Patricia, Desiree, Connie, Lisa & Jane), and our fabulous hosts (thanks Budge, Lorraine, Kim & Alan!) We were northeast of Cabo San Luis on the Sea of Cortez. I feel nurtured and refreshed. It was a little bit of euphoria (this week's improg word!) I wanted to share some important things I learned.

Turns out, the sun rises here, also.

Turquoise-Blue-My-Mind toenail polish looks best with sand.

Turtles swim a lot faster than you would think.

An ATV is better than a TV.

Yoga is doable here.

Palapas is just a fun word to say.

My Turquoise-Blue-My-Mind toenails matched our fabulous lunch spot.

Lighthouses need love too.

Margarita glasses should always be stored in the freezer.

This was a great spot to read a Confederacy of Dunces.

The people who name toenail polish should name tropical storms. 

"Lowell" is a stupid name for a storm.


Susan said...

Beautiful photos, Hayley! I'm glad you had such a relaxing time. And I'm glad you're back!

Margerie said...

Where did you get that cute nail polish?

Beautiful!! Glad you had some down time to refresh crazy busy woman!