Remember T.G.&Y.???

I stumbled upon this huge pile of papers in a warehouse I was showing a few days ago. Since I am always looking for blog fodder, I couldn't resist. I grabbed the Living Section and stuck it under my arm. Both the people who were with me were looking at me like I was nuts. 
I was delighted to find the date on the paper to be 1977. A very nice vintage, indeed. And, oddly enough, also on my hubby's birthday. I will tell you that he was born in 1959, and I was 11 in 1977, but none of that matters to this particular blog. 

Who doesn't remember T.G.&Y.? I got my first real album there. My grandfather took me to the T.G.&Y. in Durango, CO and told me I could have anything I wanted. To his dismay, I picked a Beatles album. I seem to remember he said something about boys with girls haircuts. But, that is also not part of this blog. 

I love that T.G.&Y. was way ahead of the game. They offered "excitement by the yard". Sounds like a bad email campaign for adding length to your, well, you know what I'm talking about. OOPS. Distracted again.

Wow. Doubleknit polyester. The textures and weaves in many colors inspire nimble fingers. Hard to resist. 

I know all about the seersucker coordinates. My Mom used to make lovely mix 'n match outfits and dress my little brother, TJ, & I in them. (Photos here!)

Exactly what is a conversational print? 

"Say, Betty, I love the big daisies on that outfit of yours. You look like just like my garden." 
"Why thanks, Sylvia. It is rich feeling, smooth fabric. Here. Touch it."  
It is the policy of T.G. & Y. to see that you are happy with your purchases. And they took MasterCharge or your BankAmericard.

So, the real question is this: Anybody remembers what T.G.&Y. stands for? Or did you make up something like TJ & I did? 


Margerie said...

You are reminding me of my days spent as a hostage in fabric stores in the seventies. Maybe TG&Y. Did they have them in southern Mississippi? This was before fabric stores were smart enough to put in a kids' table with some half eaten crayons and old books. My mom loved fabric more than sewing, and she still has DRESSERS full of vintage 70's fabric in her garage. With or without mold.

Susan said...

They didn't have TG&Y where I grew up. Too bad--I missed the excitement by the yard.

Margerie, no wonder your sewing machine is your enemy, what with that childhood fabric-store trauma. I'd love to see inside your mom's dressers, though (now doesn't that sound bad?).