Improg #5 - NONSENSE!

This week's improg word is good. It's easy to play along. Simply visit the site during the week, check what the IMPROG word is and blog about it. Leave a comment with a link to your blog, and we can visit other people's interpretations of the word. 

At first I was going to blog about no-nonsense pantyhose. I was going to talk about how old they were, and how that was the cool thing when I started wearing pantyhose. And then I googled them. I found out that they came out in the late 70's. That wasn't THAT long ago. And then I felt old. And then I decided I don't even really like pantyhose, so why the hell would I even want to talk about it? 

So, switching gears here, I told you that my Mom used to make TJ & I matching outfits. And I bet that you thought that was a bunch of nonsense. I'm here to tell you, it's not nonsense! 

Green & white checked polyester gingham matching outfits. I had a dress and a jacket. And white kneesocks and white patent leather shoes. It probably would have looked better if I had some no-nonsense pantyhose on. 

TJ was lucky, he had the one piece. Alhtough, I can't tell what is on the front of his. An ice cream cone? A wizard? Santa Claus in his summer suit? And there is some sort of weehaw that must be on my outfit, or it is pasted onto TJ's head. How could the Sears photographer not have seen that? Probably because he was too busy worrying about wether he had enough combs for all the screaming, snot nose kids in line.  

And how about those buckteeth of mine? I had a way of shoving my tongue right behind them so you can't really tell I am missing most of my teeth. ALMOST as cool as Dr. Bukk's.
I carry around my Dr. Bukk's in my purse right now. The only thing that would make them cooler would be a green and white checked gingham polyester outfit. I'll keep my eye out for one. 

Anyway, you can now see. It wasn't nonsense at all. Jealous, aren't you? 


shannond said...

OMG!! I so love the link to Dr Bukk! Where do you find all of these fun links? Love love love!

Margerie said...

You look ferociously happy in a no-nonsense way in that photo. TJ- not so much.

Happy Improg!!