SIGNS-Thematic Photographic, Improgging Facetious, and NO GUM!!!!

Today is a quick post, because I am going to swelter at the Mid State Fair during the middle of the day, eat corn dogs, and buy things sold to me in a quonset hut, by some cheesy looking person with a microphone attached to their head, that I will never use again, and will, quite possibly, wonder why the hell I bought them anyway. Except for those orange chamois thingys, which I love. And that tupperware. 

Aw, let's face it. The exhibition halls are like the best of "AS SEEN ON TV" except you get instant gratification and no long distance phone charges. And your husband won't wonder what the hell the charge on the credit card is that says "Dominating Plastic". Mostly he won't wonder, because he is going with me, and he can easily get sucked into buying stuff we don't need also. 

But, I am very excited about Carmi's Thematic Photographic theme this week, and I am not being facetious (which is the Improgging word of the week). This week the theme is SIGNS, and if you know me at all, I love to take pictures of wacky signs. I could probably post a photo a day for a month, but I am limited to just a week. SO...I thought I would tell you a bit about this photo, which I took in Lihue, Kauai. The place is a Saimin Noodle House located on a side street behind the Salvation Army (it will be easy to find, if you want to stop in for the best Saimin on the island). There, you will be regaled with Saimin noodle bowls, malasadas on certain days, lollipops, fried noodles, and the absolutely incredible Lillikoi pie. If you haven't tried any of these Hawaiian delicacies, run, don't walk to the Noodle House in Lihue.  

And please make sure you go to the ATM, and spit out your gum before you get into the restaurant. Because they don't take American Express; and they don't allow you to stick your gum under the counter. 


Margerie said...

LOL I love pie almost as much as I love cake!

But I really love your new header- you are the photoshop queen!

Have fun at the fair- buy a mop or soething for me ;)

smarmoofus said...

Really? They have to tell people that? How sad. But it makes for a great photo! *chuckle*