Improgging - SASSY, Thematic Photographic - SIGNS

The memes you can find on blogging are a big time saver when you don't have a lot of time to spend blogging. Some of my favorites are:

Improgging fool posts a new word on Mondays. 
Improv + Blog = Improgging!
Photos, stories, previous posts, new posts, whatever suits you and your blogging style.

Carmi posts a word on Wednesday, then you are invited to post a picture of whatever the weekly theme is. Post as many as you like, or link back to previous posts.

Post a picture that says it all. Oh yeah, and do it on Wednesdays.

So, today I am going for both Improgging & Thematic Photographic.

I have been going to lots of car shows to try to determine what color to paint Buckwheat (see the car in my blog header). I think we have found the correct combination of colors, which can be seen on the two cars below, with a shiny white added. 

Thinking is the top of the car will be a shiny white. 
Bottom half will be this killer apple-kiwi sparkly green.
And of course, an orange pin-stripe of some sort (like the car behind the green one). 

Of course, this will take some time, because Buckwheat needs some under the hood work, and we all know that it's what is on the inside that counts!!!!

I am spending my Buckwheat bucks smart, but need to make more. Of course, if you feel like donating to the cause, you can send me a check. I'll even write you a receipt.

1 comment:

Margerie said...

Buckwheat sure is a sassy thing!!! Can't wait for the paint job. Of course, I am shallow- forget about the inside stuff....