Thematic Photographic - MONOCHROME

This is for Carmi's thematic photographic. This week is monochrome. Visit and play along with us! 

A few years ago, my fab-sis-in-law, Madelyn, and her fab-great friend, Dawn, (and their S.O.'s) took us up the river in a boat. The entire experience was totally cool, and there were some amazing photographic opportunities. Under bridges, around bends, below silos and sand mines, we finally came to this piece of riverfront property in Cleveland, Ohio. In California, it would be priceless. In Ohio? Still might be priceless, at least this image is. There was a single candle burning in one of the windows, and the only thing cooler than that was the flag they chose to fly. I was thankful that I didn't hear any banjos playing, and was equally grateful that the boat had a motor on it and we weren't paddling. 

Anyway, this is one of my favorite shots. Imagine the stories. Who do YOU think lives here? 


Anonymous said...

If that place has a garage I think I want it.

Jude said...

ohhhh very atmospheric photo! There is a story there for sure.

smarmoofus said...

What a lovely-sounding evening... I know you were grateful for the motor, but I would've wanted to cut the engine and drift slowly and silently by. It's like the beginning part of Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean ride (if it's still there), where the town is all peaceful and you're just floating along all serene-like.

Or maybe the flag made me think of that. *giggle*


shannond said...

love the photos!! Always!