IMPROG - Facetious

This week's improg word is FACETIOUS, compliments of Marcy from Walnut Creek.

I'm wondering, did she pick out the word because she knows me well? Or is it because the dictionary flipped to the F's when I asked for improg words? Anyway, if you feel like blogging about something, try FACETIOUS, visit the improgging site and let us know you are participating. 

Anyway, to keep in the spirit of this week's improg word, facetious, I thought it would be appropriate to post a pictureof what we finally got from those asshats at DMV.

Buckwheat has new brakes, a sparkly new orange steering wheel, he is registered and is sporting his custom license plates.

If you will remember correctly, the pregnant-almost-dying-pizza-eating-mouth-breather lady at the DMV told me that this particular set of plates were not available.


Improgging Fool! said...

Definitely worth reading this FACETIOUS post, as well as the DMV is Hell On Earth post!

Great improg. Thanks for playing!

Margerie said...

I wanna see the sparkly steering wheel. I am sure Buckwheat looks very handsome in his new plates.