Now that's trust.

That's me and my little brother, TJ. I'm the one with the sporty Dorothy Hamill haircut, in case you were unsure.

This picture was taken when I was about 10 or 11, and TJ was almost 3. I'm guessing it was 1977. it was for sure taken in Farmington, New Mexico in front of my Grandmother's house, prior to them ripping the grass out and putting down colored rocks (but two colors  of rocks so it looked nicer). Whoever was taking the picture had to have been standing in the middle of the road (that's trust). 

You'll notice that TJ's feet aren't even on the pedals, because I was pushing with one foot on the trike, and the other one on the back of it. I had a grip on TJ's shoulders that probably left not only bruises, but permanent indentations as well. I like the way his socks match his shorts. I opted for no socks. At least in this picture we didn't have our regular matching outfits that Mom made us. (I am NOT making that up).

The photographer really captured the thrilling moment of it all. They managed to get the shadow in the entire picture. That must have been hard because we were probably going 15 miles an hour. Or maybe not. 

I'd like to point out the reason a trike works is balance and leverage. The front wheel is bigger than the back two and is centered. I'd also like to point out that I am centered on the trike as well, as is TJ. I'd also like you to notice that I am a wee bit bigger than the front wheel of the bike. But anybody who has ever ridden a bike and tried to do a wheelie knows that you must get all the weight on the back of the bike. 

Anyway, the photo was also taken about 30 seconds before the entire trike tipped backwards from the weight of me standing on it. And regardless of the grip I had on TJ's shoulders, I was able to jump off it and roll into the dirt, unharmed. 

TJ, on the other hand, had nobody to break his fall (I was safely on the dirt lawn) and cracked his head open. He bled all over the sidewalk and really made a mess. I seem to remember he cried a lot. I don't really remember anything else about this moment. What I do know is that our adrenaline addiction started way before we could stop it. 

I can't believe we are still best friends after that (and other) fiascos! Now, that's trust. 

Love you TJ! 


Margerie said...

there are some very cool adult tricycles...but I don't think you should go anywhere near them ;)

My younger sister broke my arm and chipped my front tooth when we were kids. Thank goodness I have free dental now :) And that cast didn't really itch that much (LIAR). But I think I stole her Barbie and bit her once or twice. I callin' it even.

TJ said...

That is my second favorite picture of us!! God i was so cute!Wtf happened? My earliest(not a college grad)memory of you sister is you holding me....I trust you with my life!