There is a new site to deal specifically with improgging! They choose the word, I write about it. WOOHOO. Never will I lack blog fodder again. The brilliant thing about improgging? You can put as much, or as little, time into it. The first thing that pops into your head. You can also visit others who are writing about todays improgging word. Today for me is a quickie.

IMPROG word is MUSIC.  

I am a rocker chick, a jazz lover, a shower singer, a car superstar (I amuse traffic), and I dig the oldies of my parents and grandparents generation. I'm a product of the 80's who loves the big hair bands and my formative years were shaped by disco in the 70's.

My husband (BHF) is a guy who hated disco in the 70’s, and grew up listening to 70's rock.We both still love to go to concerts.

Of course, we make little sacrifices for each other when going to see music:

ME: I’ll trade you my Van Halen, for your Eagles.

In this example, these are both brilliant bands, so there isn’t much negotiation there.

This is true negotiation:
BHF: I’ll trade you my Alice Cooper for Morrissey.

Then there are other simply great bands. No negotiations needed:
 RUSH. And Elton John. And Godsmack. And Hoobastank. And Jimmy Buffet. And ZZ Top. And Blue Oyster Cult. And YES.

Back to negotiations:
BHF: I’ll go see a baseball game while you go see KC & The Sunshine Band.
ME: I’ll go see Mamma Mia in Vegas while you are gambling with the boys.
BHF: You can go see Storm Large with Julie. 
ME: You can stay home and wash my car. *

But tonight?
BHF is headed to see Ted Nugent in Pozo.
I’m headed to see Menopause the Musical in Cambria.

There are no amount of negotiations that could get us through sitting through each other’s picks tonight. Not even the ever popular rock-paper-scissors, which solves many an argument in our household.

BHF: Have a great time. You’re going to listen to menopausal women sing. How fun for you.
ME: You’re going to listen to a guy who actually named one of his albums SCREAM DREAM. How fun for you.
US: I’ll meet you back here on the couch afterwards for some TV and maybe a little slap-n-tickle.

It’s all about negotiations, baby!

* no cars were washed, no scissors were smashed, no paper was cut and no armadillos were harmed during the negotiations of todays improg word. 


Anonymous said...

This is great writing. Very funny.
Slap and Tickle? Z

Margerie said...

Slap and Tickle would be a great name for a band ;)

Music- I like anything but bluegrass and country. And Alvin and the Chipmunks.