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Happy Memorial Day weekend!

I, along with 5 other fabulous women, have been selected to be spokesmodel for a very special winery that is donating money to cutting edge breast cancer research. The release of our wines are not until October, so you will have to hang onto your horses to find out more about that. Our media person has threatened us to not “spill the beans”.

What I wanted to tell you about was one of the amazing women I met while in Palm Springs doing our photo shoot.

Her name is Heidi Marble. I'm on the left, she is on the right. Heidi is an 8 year survivor of Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Heidi is making a beautiful difference in the world: she has written a book called Waiting for Wings, is working on a documentary titled Waiting for Wings The Film, and her artwork is spectacular and what I want to talk about today (pictured below).

Her company, Button-N-Dollars, is a non-profit that is focused towards helping uninsured and underinsured cancer patients.

She takes jewelry donated by cancer patients and their families and friends and puts them on broken “useless” mannequins. When I asked Heidi about this, she replied that when she was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, she felt broken; after her battle, she emerged more beautiful than ever. Now she does amazing things with her donated mannequins. They start out broken, and she turns them into something spectacular. Her artwork is available for purchase or rent.

Heidi told me that she is running out of buttons and jewelry and bobbles!!!!!


It’s time to dig out that old broken costume jewelry (or stuff that you don't wear anymore), or those buttons that you are hanging onto for no reason. How about your favorite earring that lost the match years ago but you can’t let go? If you are a crafty person and have a large supply, considering sharing them with Buttons-N-Dollars.

Clear out the clutter in your jewelry and arts & crafts drawers and boxes and send the stuff to Heidi! If you have friends who have "collections", please share this with them. Let's see how much stuff we can send to Buttons-N-Dollars.  

Buttons-N-Dollars is a non-profit 501-c3 organization, and all donations are tax deductible (including jewelry).

To make a difference in the lives of many underprivileged women, send costume jewelry, buttons and bobbles for Heidi's artwork. Just tell her that Hayley made you do it!

Shipping Address:

Heidi Marble
25017 NE 188th Court
Battle Ground, WA 98604


Susan said...

Hello you BCE! I've posted this info on my blogs and on the Button Floozies blog.

Love you!

Margerie said...

How did you know I just cleaned out all my cabinets and actually put all the various beads and baubles together?? And that I refound the black pearl earring that mysteriously moved into our new home before we did that I never did find it's owner???

Sherry/Cherie said...

I'm from the Button Floozies blog and think this is a remarkable project. Not only am I button person, I'm a 3 year breast cancer survivor. So I need not say anything more about how I personally feel knowing about this project ♥