Talking in code...

Ancay ouyay alktay igpay atinlay?

Iay alwaysay avehay eenbay ableay otay, anday Ian uessgay eway ancay alkchay itay upat otay ehistoricpray extingtay. 

Iay inkthay Iay illway 0ntinuecay otay eakspay ikelay isthay orfay ethay estray ofay ethay aday. 

Avehay aay oddgay eekendway! 



Susan said...

You're crazy. It must be all those carrots you've been eating.

(But who am I to talk? I seem to remember once writing a whole letter to you backwards.)

Love you anyway!

Margerie said...

Just Say No to pig latin!

LOL you are right Susan, she is even writing in orange.

Love ya Aleyhay!