Palm springsPhoto Shoot Excursion

Some of you know, and some of you don’t know - I have been selected to be a model for a winery. It’s a high price of admission to be a model for this winery, and only 6 breast cancer survivors from all over America are chosen.

The guy who owns the winery lost his wife to breast cancer a few years ago and he is mad as hell. He has decided to donate 10% of the gross proceeds (not net, this is huge!) to cutting edge breast cancer research. You can read all about his story on his website, but this is my blog, so you have to listen to MY story!

It has been interesting getting ready for this trip. I was told the date to be in Palm Springs (all expenses paid), that I had to sign a model release, that hair and makeup would be taken care of by an award winning artist. None of that proved to be a problem. The problem was the wardrobe. Solid color cleavage baring tops, crisp white top and black pants. Guess what? I don’t own any of those. My neutral is brown - I have tons of brown pants. Crisp white top? Are you kidding me? I can’t keep the person next to me clean if THEY are wearing a white top much less one that I am wearing. And solid color cleavage baring tops. Alright, you know me well, the cleavage baring isn’t the problem, the problem is solid colors. My closet is filled with print tops and dresses!!!!!

You would think that this would be fairly easy to resolve. Let’s go shopping!!!! Apparently, prints are in (and not just in my closet). I had to search high and low for solid color tops in a color other than black and white (only because I am not a monochrome person as you know). I managed to score 4 awesome solid shirts, and we will see what the photographer picks for me to wear: olive green, red, teal and another red. You know I was searching hard for orange or lime green. Didn’t find any tops in those colors, but did find a fabulous pair of orange shoes to replace my other ones (you know what I am talking about!)

Crisp white shirt, that was a bit of a challenge cuz my boobs are quite a bit bigger than the actual size that I am. After trying white shirts all day on in Nordstroms (Santa Barbara), I was frustrated as could be. I did find a great one at Chico’s. I had them put it in a garment bag - hermetically seal it, and it is now hanging in the closet of my hotel. Hopefully I haven’t stained it by osmosis.

We got up early and drove to Palm Springs. My day started early because of course, I couldn’t sleep. I was too excited. I got everyting loaded in the car, and was ready to go. I dropped my almonds under the car and had to bend down to get them. As we were driving down the driveway, my husband started to laugh hysterically. In fact, he was laughing so hard he had to stop the car. Apparently, as I was leaning under the car, my face hit the tire. I had re-treads on my face. Remember Tattoo Face in 50 First Dates? Yeah, that was how I started the day!!!!

We found a great place to eat in Fontana, of all places. El Gorro Giro. Amazing, and Shirley & Mike, I will be bringing back tortillas that may rival Arvin.
We got to the hotel, checked in, it’s a great room, and there was this big basket of goodies for me: fruits and chocolate and nuts and water. I started to cry.

I have organized so many damn events and have put together hundreds, if not thousands of gift baskets together for clients. I had never gotten one!!!!!

Now that we are here (tears dried, clothes hung up, tire treads washed off my face), we are going to the tasting room in Rancho Mirage and then to dinner.

More on that later. Is now a good time to tell them I don’t drink?????


Margerie said...

Oh I am going to cry too. I am so proud of you girl! I might even forgive you for not asking- I have lots of solid color cleavage baring tops. Who knew? LOL It is true, your rack does arrive a few minutes before the rest of ya hon!

Have a great time and hug Budge for me!

P.S. Do NOT touch the chocolate once you are in your crisp white shirt. And blahh wahh about the tire tattoo. Would it have not been funny if Tim didn't tell you? Think of the looks in the restaurant! Think of that when they ask you to smile. SMILE BIG GIRL_ YOU ARE ON CLEAVAGE CREEK CAMERA!

Margerie said...

Oh and I meant SMILE BIG girl not smile BIG GIRL. You know what I mean ;P

Susan said...

I'm so proud of you, too, Hayley, and of Tim for taking the photos that got you this far.

Remember, it's your stunning looks they're interested in, not your (lack of) drinking habits.

Stay clean! (I guess that's ambiguous, isn't it? It's the white shirt I'm concerned about.)

p.s. Margerie, you make me laugh so hard--in a good way, of course. Try a comma: "Smile big, girl!" (not "Smile, big girl!").

Shirley said...

Remember when Shelby was a puppy, and how she would pee all over your beautiful wood floor when she got excited? Thats how I feel about you today. I'm so excited for you. Except now you don't have to clean up my pee, Mike does.

Susan said...

OMG, Shirley's here! Hooray!

Waving madly--can you see me?