IMPROG: DUCK (n.) is the word.

Duck????? My improg word is duck? Are you kidding me????? Had Susan not told me I needed to use duck as a noun, I would have used it differently.

EXAMPLE: you are playing with your rocket launcher and you accidentally shoot too low, you should yell “DUCK!” to alert the person the rocket is traveling at a fast speed directly at.

What about the game Duck, Duck, Goose. That is a noun, although it implies that you have to do the actual ducking (v) to play the game correctly. No, there must be something else.

I think about my mother-in-law, Martie, who “collected” rubber ducks and how I cannot see one and not think of her. But how many people would actually read a blog about a rubber duck? 

How about this? In November, I participated in the 3Day Susan Komen Event in San Diego, with my fabulous team - Minnie’s Breastkateers. (We are doing San Francisco this year)
And yes, I know we are dressed as mice and not ducks. Anyway, we camped out for 3 days (thus, the title). The park we were camping at was awesome - right along the water’s edge. They assigned spots, since there were over 5,000 participants (2 people to a tent).

There were lots of ducks in the water and on the grass. Needless to say there was also shitloads of duck poop on the lawn (where we were putting up our tents). My friend and tentmate, Marilyn, announced loudly to all within earshot: 

“WELCOME TO CAMP. Please pick up after your duck.”

This was (and still is) hilarious to me. I have this vision of people walking their ducks on leashes and having these tiny plastic bags to scoop their duck’s poop. This is even funnier if you have ever seen duck poop, and without getting into the specifics, imagine taking a burning candle and dripping wax onto the grass. It’s kinda like that. Only it’s black and white (I have no idea, so don’t ask).

And here we are again. I have somehow managed to take the word “duck” and talk about “poop”. That is why the improg thing works so well.

And once Susan and I get it together, we will start to improg on the same words. If you are interested in making IMPROG a part of your life, shoot me a message and we will do Improg Mondays. We will all get the same word (randomly chosen), and then see how others minds work.

In fact, if you are reading this, why don’t YOU try improgging about DUCK (n).

We all know that out of artificial, I can talk about dildos. And ducks? I can make it all about poop. I can also make the 3Day Event benefitting Susan Komen all about shoes! 

Let’s see how sick and twisted the rest of you are!

Welcome to improg. Please pick up after your duck.


Margerie said...

Hayley- love Todd's number LOL. And the duck poop story! I want to do SF too!

I'll play today. A bunch of us moms were doing time at a 2-hour football practice this past summer. We figured out we could group all the younger kids into the sibling club and take turns being on club duty. My friend Karen (the most industrious of us) decided to play duck, duck, goose with the little kids. They started improving the words for duck, duck, goose. For example: "bubble gum, bubble gum, LOLLIPOP!" It is time for one of the older boys to be "it." He gets up at touches the heads in the circle saying "Hairy Balls, Hairy Balls..." My friend quickly put the kyebosh on it. But my 4 year old still came over and asked me who Harry was.

Susan said...

Duck? I sent you duck?

I think it must be because of that psychotic-looking duck postcard you sent me, the one that stares at me all day long from my bulletin board and reminds me to get to work instead of reading other people's blogs (works well, eh?).

Well at least I now know what the "Clean up after your duck" line means.

Anonymous said...

DUCK YOU Haley, I am a busy woman and dont have time for this. I do have to say that the duck poop at the 3day did QUACK me up. Well I need to waddle down town and run some errands. If you find this remotely funny I will be sending you a BILL........

Love Ya
Mar Mar

ps: Thanks for including me in your photo shoot................