IMPROG: BETTER is the word

Today I have pulled “BETTER” out of the envelope that Susan sent me the beginning of the year. I think I failed to mention that the envelope she used was made out of her old calendar. It’s better than anything she could have purchased. She's crafty like that, Susan is, apparent by her making do blog. 

I could blog about this word - BETTER -  all day long, but first, I am going to eat my toasted English muffin with butter on it, because the ads tell me that everything tastes better with butter. I’m going to have to agree with that.

On Sunday, I was cleaning house and my hubby had a soccer game to coach. As he was headed out the door, he said playfully, “You better get the rest of this done by the time I get back.”

When he came home and I asked how the game went, he told me the girls were so much better than the previous week. This led me to believe they won, and win they did 5-0. A big shout out to my girls on the VIXENS (Taylor, Sone, Jamie, Julii).
This day just keeps getting better, even though it is only 7:30am.

My house is clean and my plants are watered. My organizational skills are getting better. Well, except for that big pile of papers that came out of my filing cabinet last week, and I suspect this is the reason my house is so clean; it’s because of all that paperwork I had to deal with!

Rather than eating an English muffin, my hubby said that we should go down and eat at Frank’s, the most awesome breakfast and hot dog place in San Luis Obispo. Their motto???? Big Weenies are Better. Their t-shirts and hats practically fly out the door. And I ask you, who wouldn't want one? 

I just got a phone call from the car transport company. He is leaving Santa Maria as we speak and I get my new/old car within the hour. He had better hurry up, I am a bit impatient!

My 1965 Comet station wagon is here! 
My 1965 Comet station wagon is here!
My 1965 Comet station wagon is here!

For those of you who don't know me well - the story is that my company name is Comet Realty, thus the Comet wagon. I suspect tomorrow’s blog will be a picture day, devoted to the wagon, but I would like to leave you with one that is truly funny, especially if you read this regularly (and if you don’t, you must read this entry - I bought a car on e-bay). 

Have a BETTER day!

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Susan said...

Well? I'm waiting to hear about the car! You'd BETTER email me soon.