Breast Cancer Survivors -- is it time for you to THRIVE?  

Especially for Breast Cancer Survivors - Join the “From Surviving to Thriving” Tele-Summit for a five day journey
where you will learn more about how to take charge and transform your life.

Especially for Breast Cancer Survivors.

It's true that breast cancer changes your life. It certainly changed mine.

I have learned much through my survivor experience and now am thrilled to be a part of "From Surviving to Thriving" a
five day journey where you will learn more about how to take charge and transform your life into the one you wish to live.
It's not enough just to survive anymore, let's all THRIVE together!

Register here: http://yourlifeafterbreastcancer.com/blog/surviving-to-thriving-telesummit/

If you register for this event you will learn from some Amazing Women Thrivers… I am so pleased to be counted as part
of an amazing group of women who will share inspirational stories of surviving breast cancer to achieve phenomenal
success while creating amazing lives on their terms.

We will share how we overcame struggles and went on to create extraordinary lives. The details are below:

April 19 Finding Your Life Purpose
Join us for two amazing stories that will leave you motivated and ready to become a thriver. Leave with the hope and
inspiration you need to take your next step!

April 20 Following Your Passion
Join us for an hour of "passionate pursuits" as we learn from women who have taken their diagnosis and turned it into a
new path.

April 21 Finding Your Voice:
Ever wondered how to turn your journey with breast cancer into a book? Join two thrivers as they share tips and hints on
how to write the story inside you.

April 22 Being Unstoppable In the Face of Adversity:
Hear from two amazing women entrepreneurs. Learn how nurturing an outlook of being unstoppable will help you take the
next steps to becoming a thriver.

April 23 Turning Breast Cancer into a Gift:
You will leave with new ideas and new ways to view your breast cancer journey, along with the inspiration and motivation
you need to redesign your life and start thriving.

If this is compelling to you or if you know someone who this would profoundly impact their life, please join the FREE call.
Registration information can be found at the following link: http://yourlifeafterbreastcancer.com/blog/surviving-to-thriving-telesummit/


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This is the kind of thing I try to teach people. Can I expect a sequel?

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