Clutter on my computer

I save stuff. Lots of stuff. Very important stuff. Okay, so you can call me a packrat. But not only in my house, but ON MY COMPUTER!

Take, for example, my RSS feed of bloggers (and this is just the top of the list):

Are you kidding me? Somebody has posted on their blog over 20 times, and I haven't read it? How can this be? Then I feel bad that I haven't read it. What if I miss something really, really important?

I've been complaining about not having time to blog for myself. Perhaps it's because I've been so worried I haven't had time to read other people's blogs, that there was something stopping me. So you know what I did? I scanned through everything on all my blogs. I have read all my favorite peeps blogs, and I have deleted some posts of other people I was following, well, because I thought I should.

My blog inbox is clean, clear, and ready for me to read your blogs, and write my blogs.

So, for those of you who have jumped off the blog wagon (um, Susan, Shannon, Margerie), please jump back on with me.

Come on. Everybody's doing it. I'll blog if you blog.